Wednesday, January 18, 2006

morning chores

Today the kids got up nice and early and got all of our morning chores done cheerfully before they went downstairs. What a nice treat! E now has a list of chores she does each morning to help add routine and responsibility to her life. Z helps out too, with mommy's assistance.

After chores, we had breakfast, did a reading lesson, watched a math video and did a math lesson (she's learning 2+2 and 3+3). Then we drove my grandma to the dentist, went out for lunch and visited the toystore.

The baby is teething again and is very grumpy and clingy this week... all I can say is thank the dear Lord for naps. I'm sure they were invented for mommies. This weekend I'm hoping to get away for a silent retreat (more on this later)... I hope the baby will be feeling ok by then.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Amen to the nap comment!
I am battling w/ my son today trying to get him to nap.
Selfishly, I just want to be able to rest!! lol.