Monday, January 30, 2006

Flower Girl

This weekend, E had a delightful time being the flower girl in her grandparents 'wedding'. How many little grandkids get that opportunity?? What a lucky little girl.

Grandma and Grandpa had their marriage 'blessed' by the Catholic church on saturday and it was a lovely ceremony at the church with food and cake back at their house afterwards. E wore her dress from my sister's wedding, and she was so excited the whole time. She floated around in the clouds of tulle, and danced for everyone at the reception with a truly regal look on her face. In a word, she was adorable.

H and Z were pretty cute too, and everyone enjoyed the wedding cake (which was the highlight for the kids).

The night before the wedding E did a great job of writing her own card to them. She told me what she wanted to write, I wrote it for her on a scrap, and then she copied her own words onto her card. She's getting so good at her handwriting- although we have to work on getting the words in the right order. At one point, when I was off doing dishes, she had started copying words at random onto her card and was quite upset with me when I tried to explain that it wouldn't make any sense to them if she didn't do them in order. Sometimes the logic of children astounds me !

Congratulations grandma and grandpa! We love you.

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Melissa said...

You all look so nice.

Congratulations Jack and Leslie!