Friday, January 20, 2006


I just found this picture today: it's yours truly in 1993 at TEC (Teens Encounter Christ... a retreat weekend for teens in the Anglican church). (WOW!! A whole 13 years ago)

This is the group where my dear husband and I met in 1994. I was a candidate (participant) for TEC 17, and I met him the following year when I went back to the retreat to work and help out. I remember thinking he was really CUTE, but a little too zealous for me. Somewhat of a bible-thumper.

Fast-forward to the year 2006:

-They are now preparing to host TEC 43... my, I feel OLD!

-Me and the bible thumper have both converted to the Catholic church (which incidentally is the original group to have started TEC) ... so now he's not a bible thumper anymore, he's a crazy catholic convert :-)

-I married the bible thumper, had three kids, and now homeschool them

- Today, as I type this very post, I am getting ready to leave for my Ignatian-style silent retreat, that actually takes place at the exact same retreat centre!! oooooooooooooohhhhh.... what a neat coincidence.

-oh, and that bible-thumper is really more like a saint.. because he is staying home with all three kids (including the baby!!) so I can have a quiet, prayerful retreat. You all need to pray for him because H doesn't quite sleep through the night yet, and is still nursing. I sure hope she does ok!!

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jen said...

sigh... mel, you're dreamy!