Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Mozart!

A normal day around here, with some Mozart thrown in for learning fun. We spent the morning vaccuuming and washing the floor, and then we settled down to a nice lunch of pita pizzas with the calming music of Mozart in the background.

We talked about string instruments and what a violin was... then the kids practiced playing their 'math block' violins (I knew those were a good investment LOL).

Then we spent a little time on the internet looking at some good sites on Mozart and classical music:
we read Mozart's Magical Musical Life: an online story book
we listened to some programs from Classics for Kids.
and last, we played around on the New York Philharmonic Kids website.
The kids liked that:
-he was homeschooled as a kid just like them
-he wrote his first piece of music at age 5
-he had long hair like a girl :-)

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