Monday, January 30, 2006

Our Homeschool day...

Today H climbed up 6 stairs all by herself like she's been doing it all her life. I wonder if she's been sneaking out of her crib at night to practice. She also ate everything I could find that resembled baby food, including pita bread, the crust of an apple pie, an apple she found on the floor under the coffee table (thank you z), cheerios, apple sauce with oatmeal hidden in it, frozen blueberries, apple-peach-oatmeal baby food out of a jar, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and half a banana.... oh and how could I forget the equivalent of 3 bottles of mommy's milk. Where did my little baby go?

Today Z played his little heart out (like he does every day). He played outside with his sister for an hour, played with his trains (let's build a BIIIIIIIIG train track mommy!), read some stories, made a big mess downstairs in the basement, listened to Winnie the Pooh stories on the CD player, gave mommy and H lots of kisses, bugged all three of the girls in the house, played on the piano, ate 2 pepperoni sticks, a glass of hot chocolate, some cheerios, 2 peanut butter cookies, 2 pieces of broccoli and 6 chicken nuggets. (with requests every few minutes for more cookies and more pepperoni sticks).

E spent the morning avoiding mommy so she didn't have to do any schoolwork (it starts already!), and then after I caught her, she did a great job of reading, writing and religion. After that her friend came over and they had a blast playing barbies, princesses, dolls, and running around outside riding bikes down our little hill in the back yard. She ate 1 1/2 cookies, 1 pepperoni stick, a bowl of cereal and 6 chicken nuggets... oh and some apple sauce.

I think H will outgrow both of my older kids within the month. :-)

Today Mommy got up early with Daddy looking for some nice quiet time to have breakfast with her sweetie, and then say her morning prayers. Looks like she should've gotten up at 5am instead of 6 though, because the kids beat her. darn! She did get a treat when she went to the mailbox and found a nice big cheque for $1600 waiting for her. THANK YOU RALPH! She spent the rest of the day planning on her big escape to somewhere warm and quiet for 3 weeks. (dreaming...)

And the school year goes on...


melissa said...

Where's Heather's $400?? You better call that phone number to register her for it!!!

Auntie Val said...

until I read Melissa's comment I had no idea who Ralph was!
Do Ralph and Steven get along?

melanie said...

Val, that's funny :-) who did you think he was.. the mailman?

Melissa: heather is registered... they give the kids money to the mother and so I got $1600 and Sean only got $400. YAHOOO!!!!