Monday, January 23, 2006

PMs, housekeepers, and moms

A conversation about the election today:

"What are you doing mommy?" (as we are going to the polling station to vote today)

"When we vote, we are picking who is going to be the leader of our country"

“Hey, Mom, maybe you will win! You can be the leader of the country!”

“(laughing) No, sweetie, only the people who wanted to be the leader are on the list.. There was only 5 people to choose from and I wasn’t on the list…But maybe one day you can do that if you want to.”

“Yeah! Maybe I can be the leader of the country and I can make sure everyone does the right thing and I can take care of people… I can be a housekeeper!! "


Don’t you just love the simplicity of children? It’s so obvious in her eyes that the leader should take care of people… just like how a house keeper does. In her eyes, a housekeeper is in the same category as the Prime Minister. What value children place on the work that moms do day in and day out: taking care of their basic needs and making sure bad guys, cars, dogs, thunder storms, fevers, colds, and little brothers don’t get them.


Anonymous said...


That is so lovely and warms my heart. I was just grumbling to myself last night, as I was going to bed at 11:30pm (after cleaning up my house after a busy day with 3 kids,making lunches for school, helping with homework, coaching my son for the Passion Play,calming a nightmare, getting a drink of water, cleaning up a wet bed, etc), that mommys get absolutely no credit for the hard work that we do!!

It's so warming to hear in a clear way that the virtues that we work on daily with our children not only mean something to God but to the children as well.


Aunt Val said...

Our world would be a much better place if Elizabeth was PM.

melanie said...

God bless you and all the other hardworking moms out there!! We can feel like we are the only ones sometimes, but we aren't! and we are the ones who are keeping society from totally falling apart each new generation. God bless you dear!


melanie said...

Val, I agree!! and the world would be a lot sillier place too :-)